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Casa de Silva

The design is a home for a young family with working parents and must provide a relaxing environment. Both Eranda and Dhanushka drove to Colombo to work at their home in Malabetta Lakhna. From the beginning, they both wanted a certain degree of privacy to allow them to enjoy the outdoors; the idea of ​​a house with a terrace was born. The patio of this house forms a double-height internal volume, and a set of levels within the house allows different views of the patio and different spaces. The patio compares the atmosphere of the house with the exterior and connects the space within a single line of sight, although the patio is on different levels, where the family spends most of their time. Living extends to the terrace to gain extra space and leads to the garden. The internally spacious volumes are made up of a large lounge space for shared family activities; the restaurant, the storage room and the TV room are all open to each other; visually and physically they borrow and share the space and gardens with each other; Although the floor space is limited, but it still creates a free-flowing space and creates the illusion of a larger area. Ventilation through the fireplace in the patio keeps the house cool, while only the bedrooms are temperature controlled to ensure comfort. The restaurant opens onto a wooden terrace, providing space for al fresco dining. Large openings and neutral colors are combined with natural wood elements, and greenery is emphasized to create a light and airy living space. The most private areas of the house, such as the bedroom and bathroom, are included in a more solid house to ensure privacy. The social areas such as the living room, dining room and kitchen are located in the most open and exposed areas of the house connected to the outside. The house is separated from the road by a double skin, with wooden partitions on the outside and glass on the inside. The west-facing road also responds to the direction of the sun to reduce heat gain during the day; the façade is made up of wooden partitions; combined with cross ventilation and reduces heat gain from direct sunlight.

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