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Built to Last House

"Enduring" is a historic restoration project whose purpose is to protect the only unaffected building in a dense residential area, marked by drastic architectural changes and architectural fraud. For its unique materiality and clear-type characteristics, this building can distinguish . The old barn was transformed into a house, adding a new volume, covered with wood, protruding from the original stone, and made of strong reinforced concrete pillars. The new meets the old, In the Alps, there is no better cladding than natural stone, it represents a rich heritage that needs to be protected and is a historical symbol in the Valtellina environment. Choosing to protect rather than demolish and rebuild is a courageous and triumphant decision, but it is not without its challenges. Restoration allows the use of natural wall finishes in the most authentic way. Here, the historic stone is flanked by wood, creating a continuity of respect from the existing to the new. The interior of the building has been demolished and reinforced with reinforced concrete boxes. A completely continuous insulation layer ensures the desired comfort level of the new building. The rough external skin contrasts sharply with the smooth interior, characterized by natural finishes, with oak furniture and floors as the core of the palette. The kitchen is considered a technical hole in the living room, marked by dark tones, opening to the adjacent space. The extension forms a warm, spacious and protective entrance porch, as well as a large upper terrace, showing an unexpected space with a privileged view of the Disgrazia Mountain. A "real" building, built according to its environment, is durable, and while performing its new functions, it is still the guardian of memory, innovation and respect.

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