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The High House

The House of Lords is configured as a boomerang to highlight the natural curvature of the terrain. It perches on the top of the mountain to maximize the 180-degree view of the site. The street side of the house includes high walls to provide privacy while allowing plenty of light. The house has floor-to-ceiling glass on the side of the canyon, attracting the city of Austin to the distance. Every room in this unparalleled home has a view of the canyon. Introduction. Design single-story houses on plots with extreme slopes. Position the house to take advantage of the canyon and downtown view Solution. A slab-shaped retaining wall was placed to configure the site as a terrace for access. The height of the retaining wall is greater than necessary to become the main moisture-proof wall of the house. The retaining wall has driveways and pedestrian walkways on one side and houses on the other, supported by a 30-foot pier.

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