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This contemporary farmhouse in Karjat was designed to age gracefully

Architecture firm ShroffLeón has redefined farm living with a contemporary home that is specifically designed to recede into the landscape. The property is set on farmland, where the owners cultivate everything from wheat to rice and vegetables, and also herd cows. The project is aptly titled Mirador, which translates to vantage point in Spanish—which reflects the fact that the structure was initially meant to serve as a simple pavilion for the family to rest during their visits to the property. However, the plan quickly evolved into a two-bedroom farmhouse—and the firm is already working on another two-bedroom extension.
“They were very clear about the fact that they wanted it to be within nature,” explains co-founder Kayzad Shroff, “Almost every single view in every single direction was something that they wanted to take advantage of.” The resulting structure sees a façade that is mostly glass, with the exception of the bathrooms and kitchen. The material palette comprises black stone for flooring and sandstone and concrete for the walls. “They tend to age over time,” says co-founder Maria León, “There is a poetic element to the ageing of architecture, which we wanted to take advantage of.” The house has indeed already aged—the concrete is darker, as is the sandstone, and some sections of the exterior have started gathering moss. “As it ages, it will blend into the backdrop, and that was something that we were hoping for from the beginning,” she adds, “It is not an imposing presence on the site.”
In this vein, the architects also maintained the height at about 12 feet, so as not to overwhelm the landscape, and instead allow it to blend into the surrounding foliage. The rectangular structure is lifted off the ground, with about six feet cantilevering off the foundation on either side. “It looks like it’s floating off the ground,” says Shroff, “This was something the clients weren’t too convinced about earlier, but they now say it was the best decision; it keeps all the creepy crawlies out.”
A six- to eight-foot overhang around the edge of the structure ensures that there is no overheating due to direct sunlight. An insulated roof, comprising two concrete slabs connected by a grid of beams and a filling of thermocol, acts as an effective temperature-controlling measure.

Living Room

The interiors are sparsely furnished, so as not to distract from the view outdoors. “Even in the interiors, we have used outdoor furniture,” explains León, “The clients wanted their friends to be able to put their feet up on the sofa; it is a weekend home, and they wanted people to enjoy it.” The ornamental details are built into functional elements; for instance, a custom-designed asymmetrical shelving unit doubles as a design piece, as does an ornamental pendant light fixture from Flos. A marble-topped centre table from Defurn calls back to the dining table, creating a material thread between the two spaces.


The dining table is one of the most eye-catching pieces in the house, custom-designed out of a single two-inch-thick slab of natural stone. The finishing is rough, to accommodate for ageing, and is accompanied by a matching bench. “The stone was so heavy that we needed a small crane to put it in place,” says Shroff, “But after we finished it, the client was extremely happy he took the additional effort.” Wood panelling, set between two wooden doorways, offsets the sandstone walls, warming the palette of the dining area.


The bedrooms see expansive views of the outdoors, and therefore have minimal ornamentation in the interiors. Sandstone walls create a rich textural detail that supplements the cosiness of the interiors. In one bedroom, a rug from Jaipur Rugs is treated as a tapestry behind the bed, while a pendant light from Hatsu is a subtle decorative detail, delicately placed in a corner. In the other room are earth-coloured artworks by Suresh Kumar Singha.


An outdoor area, complete with an infinity pool, separates the indoor living room and main bedroom. All the furniture is sourced from Advent International, and is arranged to function as an outdoor living room. “I am assuming this is where they spend most of their time,” says León. Considering the property has views for days and a comfortable micro-climate, it’s a fair guess to make.

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